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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. First, I have both Xcode and Eclipse, but I was wondering which one would be better for developing Minecraft mods? Personally, I would rather stick with Xcode. It would make it easier since I'm looking into Swift programing, and that way I wouldn't have to go back and forth between Xcode and Eclipse. But are there any disadvantages to using Xcode since it's not "built" for Java, unlike Eclipse?

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Second, I watched some YouTube videos on getting started, and there's one command I see being used that's a little confusing. When setting up Eclipse and the Forge Src, there's a gradlew command. What's confusing is that I see this command being used in different ways in different tutorials.

The ultimate Mac user's guide to Minecraft on OS X - mods, skins, and more

In one tutorial, I'll see someone cd to their Forge Scr folder, use. In another tutorial, they'll cd to the same folder, but use bash gradlew setupDecompWorkspace , then use bash gradlew eclipse. So my question is, are there any major differences between these two methods, and is there a specific order these commands have to be executed in?

They seem to produce the same end results, but I just want to make sure there are no differences that might cause problems down the road.

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If you want to use Xcode you'd have to manually setup run configurations and libraries and such. Apart from that, there is no "better" solution - IDE's are a personal preference. But I recommend Eclipse for first-time developers, only because it seems to be the most popular and therefore easier to get help with. Apple products have never been known for their "cross-platform friendlyness" so I think you're going to have to get used to the idea of treading out of the OSX bubble if you have a serious interest in modding for a cross-platform game.

No offense intended, I'm a Windows user and had to go through a similar thing once. Just start again, eventually it will become second nature, and you will probably get by whatever problems are stopping you now. Tayloranya Jun 18, Hi, This tutorial is very helpful, infact the most helpful so far for me. Any reason why this is happening…? JR Jun 18, JR Jun 19, The jar file was created using a later version of Java than you have on your system. OK — this could be for a number of reasons. If it does work, please leave a comment here as others seem to be struggling with this too.

Eli Jul 05, On Mac OS Still getting a message similar to others here, even after a reboot and after trying to open it using the contextual menu. Crissy Jun 20, BuioUmbra Jun 25, JR Jun 25, Probably means you need to run the MineCraft 1. Try that and let me know if that works. Thanks that seems to of worked, though when I run it I get no updates and nothing new appears in the minecraft folder. Is this normal for 1. I believe so. Basically we are copying the configuration files for minecraft in the beginning, and then bringing them back in the end. I am struggling with this as well.

[HOWTO] "./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse" Mac OSX - ForgeGradle - Minecraft Forge Forums

I updated to the latest java per your link thanks for that. Not sure where to go next. JR Jul 19, OK — this is really beginning to bug me. Too many people are struggling with this. What we need to do, is see what that java console is saying. There is some error message, that is we can just see it, we can figure this out. Fill in the above with the name of the jar file we are trying to execute. And tell me what error message you see.

Then we can try to solve this once and for all. I believe this is what you requested. Bah this frustrating. I just tried this and I see the error now that everyone is getting.

Minecraft Mods:

The console output I get is:. ClassNotFoundException: forge I am sorry. I tried upgrading my version of java to 1. I am in the middle of a move right now boxes everywhere. I will try again in a few weeks once I get setup. But if anyone wants to try something, see if its the java version.

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Try installing java 7 or java 8 and then run the jar and see if it fails. I started from scratch. JR Jul 22, But thats computers and software. When in doubt, get out of the car, walk around, get back in, and restart the engine. Good work and good luck!

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I am back again. I was able to install Forge and it seems to run. I put the mod into the mods folder, and i get the following error:. Or, if I try other mods vanishing block or trick block the game loads, but the mods are not in the Mod folder inside the game. JR Jul 27, Then check the website where you downloaded the mod and see if there is a forge version requirement. You may need to installer another version of forge. Kevin Roa Jul 22, I have no clue what to do.

I figured it out. Thanks for putting up this web site.

I now have Mo Creatures working. The things a father does for his daughter. I think I hate Minecraft now. Thanks again. You are very welcome. Happy forging. Zoe Jul 24, JR Jul 25, Meera Thilagaratnam Jul 26, JR Jul 26, Thank you! Everything else was so confusing, but this was so clear!

JR Aug 21, Only way to find out would be to try. Let us know if successful. Chris Aug 22, What application do you use?