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Is there anyway to resize the Firefox 11 browser window and keep that setting for the next time it is opened? Right now, the browser opens at a set size which is smaller than what I want, then it sometimes automatically resets itself when using certain onion sites so that it is larger than my monitor, forcing me to resize the window each time I change pages at those sites. When I use Firefox 11 without TOR, I can set the window size to fit my monitor and it stays that way practically forever, no matter what website I visit or how many times I start and restart Firefox.

I just tried to install tor on both my mac's and had no luck.

Installing OS X 10.5.8 On My SECOND iBook G4!

I am not particularly computer savvy, but it was a little frustrating because when I tried to install it from instructional web install videos, my experience in no way resembled that of the content maker. Are you saying that the current version just does not work with mac and has to be fixed? If so, that would explain my experience. Nothing I did would work. This will also add to client security as many spammers and "front organizations" which post links in forums and blogs like this post only to track users participating in useful discussion.

Maybe it's not related to the newest version of TOR, I don't think so. When I click on those new options there in "the ticket blog", where most articles now lead to, funnily, I don't like those words "The ticket", it sounds evil and I'm the only goth here and evil is evil and period. No posting, no nothing. I am just operating system supporter and not some net freak, alright? Crashes sometimes on Mac OS To the person above enquiring about 'prefetch option', I believe there is a Firefox add-on for this.

It is called 'Request Policy'. It allows one to choose which site to be prefetched. This add-on is mentioned in the FAQ for Torbutton. I hope this helps.

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And if possible to have it in red digits when I am not visiting through Tor. There is a Firefox add-on for this called 'External IP' but I am reluctant to use it because I do not know how safe it is. EXE visible in the Task Manager. So I'm wondering if it's normal that the process conhost.

Re: Mac OS X Followed the link at top to ticket and read that discussion as well as the entries here. So just install this older version for the moment and do not follow Tor's suggestion every time it opens to update it, at least until you check back here and see the problem has been solved.

It looks like there was a problem with one of the builds that they're working on fixing; in the meantime, the solution seems to be to install version 2. I am not a part of your I am not a part of your community, but I have tried TOR and am glad you do what you do. Dear people, what to do? Thank you! Thanks in advance,love the site. Is there anyway to resize Is there anyway to resize the Firefox 11 browser window and keep that setting for the next time it is opened?

I just tried to install tor I just tried to install tor on both my mac's and had no luck. It also supports agent discovery, trap events, and graph plotting. The main interface is web-based, no need to install anything else; users can access the system through their browser.

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Currently it's developed under Ubuntu Linux and runs also on Windows. On my old Laptop 1.

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And look, it does all the usual browser stuff too…

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