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Subscription Methods. There are two ways to subscribe: online or card. Licensing Opions. Natural textbook display Display expression same as textbook. Dot matrix display High-resolution screen provides beautiful looking graphs every time. Icon menu Specify the operation you want to perform by selecting an icon or inputting a number.

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Multi-replay Quick and easy recall of previously executed formulas for editing and re-execution. Plastic keys Designed and engineered for easy operation. List based STAT-data editor Viewing and editing of input data in list format, showing data groups x-data, y-data, frequency and surrounding data. Basic Mathematical Functions Trigonometric, Exponential logarithmic, etc.

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Table Generation You can create a numerical table based on that expression by registering a function expression. In addition, graph functions can be represented by graphs. Data Logger You can obtain data log of scientific experiments.

Intermediate Statistics More statistical functions such as Paired-variable statistical calculation, Quartiles and List display functions for speedy and thorough learning. Scientific Constants You can use constant symbols used in physics, science classes.

Free download graphing calculator emulator for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS

Financial Financial functions are built in, making financial calculations easy. Advanced Statistics Support high level statistics by 7 kinds of advanced distribution calculation. Metric conversion function You can convert a number in one unit to a number in a different unit. AAA-size Battery.

AA-size Battery. High Resolution We are choosing a model with higher definition in our non-programmable model and a higher definition model with Programmable model.

Under the 'Skin' category unselect 'Vibrate on keypress' 3. How do I load apps like PlySmlt2 or Inequalz? To load any file to your calculator you need to first download it to your SD card or internal storage on your device. Once you have downloaded the app to your device open Wabbitemu. Swipe from the left edeg of the screen to bring up the menu, and select 'Load file'.

Find the file you just downloaded in the list and select it. The file will be sent to your calculator. How do I get these fraction options? Wabbitemu allows you to download both 2. Then press enter to go to the about screen. If it not 2. To upgrade you will need to recreate your ROM by going through the setup wizard again.

The setup wizard is runnable if you bring up the menu by swiping from the left edge of the screen. Then select 'Re-run setup wizard'. As you go through the setup make sure you have selected OS 2. Reviews Review Policy. Maybe somewhen in the 3rd quater of this year.

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I want to have MLC2 nearly feature complete till then. Like it does with the AFX?

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Like This Unlike Orwell 10 Mar shouldn't it work with page switching using the timer? It does, but we are still in the early stages. Like This Unlike albert 18 Apr This calc. Can anybody tell me what CPU is used? If you want to know about the CPU you'll have to find out yourself. The Casios are for the more intelligent people who can figure out things themselves, since Casio does not provide any documentation about hardware. If you want it easy stay with your TI and leave us alone.

Free download graphing calculator emulator for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS

I have them and will be glad to send them to you. Like This Unlike Menno 03 Jul i would like a version of your emulator. I would also like a version that can run add-ins i know the fx-manager can, but i would like a simple emulator that runs an add-in. Hi Tuyen, can you please send me the modified version.


The guy was bothered with the image that CASIO had taken of the fxG and sticked into the emulator, so he changed it to make it more "realistic" and look like the original fxG. The HP 48gx emulator works great, but I'm so used to my old casio I am freaking out. I liked the old one better than the new models, but I could live with it I know this is an old thread, but thought someone here can probably point me in the right direction.