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I am though not very hopeful unless there are more people with a similar problem!!!! The first stage of troubleshooting a BT Internet email issue is to check you can log in to your email account via the BT.

What are the settings for outgoing and incoming BT Email servers?

Yes I can log into my BT account from my iphone with wifi switched off and on my PC when I am at my office but not at home. All worked well until about 6 days ago when it broke and it has been broken since then. Yes I can login on webmail on my iphone using 4g on my pc using apple mail just not using my talk talk home network!!!! Sally no and TT do not understand and no one contacts you it is all so frustrating have you got anywhere i intend to cancel this Friday if no progress is made.

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Using the iPhone mail app to connect to the TalkTalk mail server to send and receive TalkTalk email is going to work just fine over the TalkTalk network with TalkTalk mail settings. So, I'll ask you the same as I asked Ambrazul. BT Internet Email Sign in. Firstly I have been accessing my BT internet account for over 3 years using apple mail on my iphone and my PC. It stopped working 10 days ago. So TT must have changed something I think it is a timing out on port as I cannot even sign in!!!! Hi Ambrazul. Yes I can log into my email account thru the web on my PC I can also do it over 4g on my phone I can also do it from my PC when I take it my office over the wifi in my office just not through the mail application on my iphone or pc.

I can though loginto my icloud account.

Cannot login to BTINTERNET from iPhone/PC using ta - TalkTalk Community

BT say that they are aware of some problems with Apple devices iPhones, iPads or iPods where you're unable to send emails after changing your password. If you don't do this, you won't be able to send emails. If you're still having problems, delete and re-install the account and set up the settings again including the new password.

Incoming Mail Server: It's not needed when you use SSL encryption and won't work. You've done the delete email account and re-install so that should have cleared all of the old settings including the earlier password. I'm going through the settings to see if they are different from those that are set up on your iPhone including the password.

Set up Outlook BT Internet

I have reported the fault many times but got no satisfaction. Just now I spoke to your man in Stockport and he suggested email settings may be at fault. Please advise how I may check and correct if wrong. However the laptop replicates my personal email account folder structure but the pc has only a default structure.

How can I make the pc replicate my folders and will they then all synchronise? It has stopped working on 2 previous occasions. It is important that I can download using outlook as it makes reading my daily emails and easier task. Please help. Dr Davies.

I am trying to set up my bt internet account on Outlook with OS windows 10 but keep getting the error that no service was listening. I tried many setting with no joy. However, if you really want to stick with it, the bad news is that you cannot transfer your old Yahoo emails to a new Yahoo account though you can export and import your contacts.

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If you want to keep your old email online, you will have to download it all and then find a way of uploading it. Mail buffs who reckon you can use Trueswitch are wrong because the service closed in May. Frankly, it's probably not worth the effort. In theory, both Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

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  • However, I just tried it by opening a new Outlook. For instructions, see Set up your Gmail, Yahoo! Plus, or Microsoft email accounts in Outlook.


    You may have better luck with Gmail's Mail Fetcher. For instructions, see Centralize mail from different accounts with Mail Fetcher. Once you have your Yahoo email in a Gmail account, then your Outlook. When you have completed the mail transfer operation, decide whether Gmail or Outlook. I don't think there's much to choose between the two services, because Gmail has got significantly worse over the past couple of years, while Outlook.

    How to Set up e-mail account in Macbook Pro

    Both are much better at handling spam than Yahoo Mail, but they have slightly different settings. In my experience, Gmail is aggressive and puts some legitimate emails in the spam folder, so I have to check it at least once a day. The error rate is roughly the same. At the moment, I hate the Gmail compose box even when using Shift-Compose to open it in its own window and the pointlessly disappearing bits of user interface to the extent that I would never become a Gmail user if I had to start today.

    I'm seriously thinking of switching to Outlook. Of course, you may have a different opinion, and you should choose the service you like best. Ideally, when you have chosen your new primary email service, buy your own domain name and use that as your email address. Nobody can take that away from you unless you neglect to pay the renewal fee , and you can point it to whichever email service you like.

    I provided a guide to setting up a personal domain name with Gmail in an earlier answer: Solve email problems forever by setting up Gmail with your own domain. If you go the Microsoft way, Digital Inspiration has instructions: Using Outlook.


    I can understand why you are annoyed at BT, but the mail service is still free for BT Broadband users, and there is probably some cost to maintaining email addresses, even when they are run at Yahoo. I assume BT Yahoo!

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