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Super easy to use and beautiful design. I was first introduced to this app at my recent job. Although at first I was a little confused on the app, I have quickly become so fond of it!

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Please fix I will re-rate. If you work past midnight it will apply the entire shift to the next day. It should end the shift and start a new one for the next day. This causes havoc when you work into or out of a holiday. Also repeats this behavior week to week so if you work Friday past midnight you lose that entire shifts overtime not just what is worked past midnight.

This means that if I work 50 hours in a week and 4 of it if Friday night I will only get 46 hours and the other 4 move to the next week as normal pay. Phones probably going to explode. I will re-rate and change this review if I that happens, but like this it causes problems with my paycheck.

Not cool. Hi Hotrhodium, Apologies for the delay here but our product team has been hard at work building a new feature to address your feedback. We have finished a new update and it is currently available. In this update the definition of work day has been defined to reset shifts, and overtime, at the midnight threshold in compliance with labor law best practices.

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This same logic applies to work week thresholds. To configure this feature for your account, an account administrator will need to manually add this preference for the Office you are assigned to. If you need assistance with this we're happy to walk you through it if you send an email to our Customer Experience team at support boomr.

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Thank you for trusting Boomr to help manage time at your company! Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Employee time tracking software that saves time and money. Aug 14, Version 2.

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Size Category Business. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Languages English. Boomr, Inc. With optional use of smart facial recognition technology and time card approvals, Buddy Punch helps save you money by keeping your staff accountable.

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  • Their face is then compared to a photo associated with their profile to confirm their identity; only then will they be able to punch in or out. Not only does this make logging in easier than ever for employees, but it eliminates the problem of colleagues clocking in on their behalf, so you can make sure your staff is only being paid the hours they work. Equally, employees and freelancers no longer need to worry about being underpaid. Buddy Punch takes the responsibility away from HR and automatically calculates any overtime an employee has worked, which will be added automatically to their timecard as is also available in detailed payroll reports.

    To make life easier, at the end of each pay period, Buddy Punch allows you to generate a variety of reports to give you a detailed breakdown of the total numbers of hours worked per employee on a daily or monthly basis, any PTO or Overtime, and more. All reports can be downloaded in several formats, including Excel or PDF for your convenience. Not only does the software run smoothly on your desktop Mac, but it also works seamlessly with all Apple products including iPhones and iPads too, so your employees can punch in and out wherever they are connected to the internet.

    Management also has the option to create and assign locations for each member of staff, and with GPS location tracking you will know where your staff is when punching in and out. For added functionality, Buddy Punch has partnered with a variety of applications your business uses every day, so you can get the most out of this tool. Whether you need to sync up with accounting software or Google email to make logging in easier, Buddy Punch has you covered.

    All features are included no matter the size of your business. The only thing that differentiates the price is the size of your business, making it fair for all users. To help you assess your financial status, iBank provides a quick overview or detailed summaries which include your outgoings, how much you owe, how much is left in your budget and more. If you need an app that tracks time spent on a variety of projects for any type of client, Tyme might be the fit for you.

    Tyme is quick and easy to set up with an abundance of features to offer. To keep your lists clean and uncluttered, Tyme allows you to filter any projects and tasks and move completed ones to the archive folder. Tyme also offers a detailed overview of each project to let you know if you are on track. You can even have multiple timers going simultaneously, and set reminders in the form of a message to let you know if a deadline is due. Hubstaff was created to help manage both individual employees and teams time more effectively.

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    Offering an array of features, Hubstaff allows management to see which members of their team are working on certain projects in real time, how long each project is taking them and how productive they are. It also allows freelancers to keep track of their own time spent on projects to help keep them on track and to ensure they are being paid for their time correctly.

    For example, if a freelancer is told a project will take 12 hours, but it takes 13, they can use a one-click timer to record their time to the second. With features including the ability to take screenshots of employee time logs, or logging time taken to complete a project down to the second, all parties are held accountable to ensure staff is paid they money they are owed.

    ClockIt is a time and attendance cloud software designed to look after both employees and businesses. Managing employees time and attendance is a difficult task, which is why their software is entirely online, making ClockIt available to use on mobile phones and tablets. With additional features such as GPS tracking and route mapping, keeping track of employee location is easy.

    They also offer a variety of ways to track time including the web, biometric fingerprint scanners, a kiosk, slack and mobile phone devices. Fanurio is a time tracking and billing software designed for freelancers and teams alike. Amongst some of the features it has to offer, you can use Fanurio to track time manually or by using a timer, where you can set reminders to start or stop the timer. You can analyze your business and performance with handy reports and charts provided to help you make well-informed decisions about your projects and expenses.

    If organization is where you need help most, Fanurio uses projects to help you stay organized with expenses, work completed or products you may choose to sell to clients. Soniga has produced a powerful, yet easy to use cloud-based software that will track employee time and keep you in control.

    Due to customizable settings, business owners can calculate basic rates, overtime rates, penalize poor punctuality, and more to suit your needs. With built-in templates, it saves time by estimating how much a job will cost and draw it up for you, so that you can send a professional looking estimate within minutes. You can quote by time, fixed amount, expense, or per project.

    BillingsPro also makes detailed time logs, allows you to send invoices and keeps track of who has paid you, all from one platform. Time Clock Wizard is an online based software designed for employee scheduling, time tracking, task management and payroll reporting. Its simple design helps business owners create individual work schedules for employees, track employees work hours with complete accuracy, assign tasks to employees or teams with the option to set deadlines and keep track of progression in real time, while keeping you on top of payroll with integrations and customizable reporting.

    Instead of charging for the software, they include in-app purchases to upsell services such as merchant accounts, web design and small business loans in the dashboard. TimeTrex is an open source payroll and time management software, making it limitless to the number of employees and amount of time. It also includes a payroll module that calculates tax and benefits, creates tax reports, check printing and direct deposit functionality. All of this is available on any operating including Mac and Windows and is compatible with any smartphone device.