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IDimager Win IDimager places the filename in the Title field by default, provided the field is empty. To update the title manually you have to place a token into the Title field.

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Check out the Macro Lab in the Tools menu of this utility for other useful macros. Henry Sautter provided the following script for Capture One which will set the Title and the Original Filename field to the file name. When you export the image file and include metadata the filename will show up in the Title field. Create a copy of the script in the Capture One script folder Scripts Menu item. All selected variants will be processed by the script.

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How to Install: 1 Select: Capture One Scripts Menu Open Script Editor. Members of the Controlled Vocabulary forum , can access these from the Files area of the forum. Others can obtain a version here look for the NEW!

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Filename to Title script for Expression Media 2 item. Filename 2 Title: How to Automate Frequently picture editors, stock distributors or others may not find your filenames to be very descriptive and may feel free to change them to best suit their own in-house needs.

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Click on the Appl y button if only writing the filename to a single image, or Apply to Selected button, if part of a batch operation 5. Please specify how the new IPTC values should be applied: The default is to have the radio button selected to "Merge new values with existing values", and the three boxes in the lower section checked as shown below.


You'll see a status bar as PM goes to work. This can be done either from within Capture One or from the Phase One website. Select the version of Capture One for your license code and click Activate.

Enter your license code. The code needs to be linked to a Phase One profile.

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