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This type of launch always comes hand in hand with a game that attracts the public's attention. Halo: Combat Evolved was Microsoft's choice for the occasion. The first instalment of the Halo saga, also known as Halo 1, established the saga's foundations: a futuristic first-person shooter game in which Humans and Covenants embark on a war of races. You and your kind will have to avoid that the conflict between civilizations destroys the Earth. In the Mac version of Halo: Combat Evolved you will come across all the elements that have made this game a reference in its genre: shots, explosions, futuristic environment Have fun with your friends thanks to its multiplayer mode!

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Download Halo: Combat Evolved for Mac , choose between the three difficulty levels available and make appropriate use of your weapons and fleet of vehicles to guarantee the survival of mankind. Requirements and additional information:. This is a demo version with certain limitations.

Halo: Combat Evolved Free Download

Bungie have moved beyond today's standard of real-time shadowing and intrusive lens flare. In Halo not only will you find skeletal animation, scaleable mesh technology and reflective surfaces, but multiplayer texture mapping, true deformable terrain and inverse kinetics You've lost me now -Ed.

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In other words you'll see realistic body movement, explosions leaving craters, buildings slowly crumbling and warped images of yourself in the reflection of a jeep's wheel arch. The physics too: spent casings thrown into the air and rolling down slopes; wheels moving independently across a number of surfaces and the spray of gravel each particle texture-mapped as your wheels struggle for purchase. Just one of the little things to look out for will be the interface -something Bungie's previous games are hardly noted for.

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One aspect is giving team commands: you don't have to go through three sub-menus to get your troops to do anything. There won't even be a button for 'Look out! Have we told you enough? Well, we shall leave the rest for a future issue.

Halo: Combat Evolved

More than any other game, Halo's in-game screenshots speak for themselves. Which is why we've made them big. Just for you.

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Processor: PC compatible, P Game Features: Single game mode. Puzzle Shooters Strategy Pacman - Digger.

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